Many people don't understand why vegans abstain from consuming and using animals and animal products even in very small quantities. For example, many products which could otherwise be free from animal products include ingredients such as “natural flavors,” which in some cases are animal-derived. In our new position paper on veganism and trace animal ingredients, we ask: “Does it matter whether vegans avoid these products, and if so, why?” Recognizing that billions of animals are used, harmed, and killed every year, a person might become vegan because she believes that she should avoid causing harm and death. But she might observe [...]
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The key to successful interpersonal advocacy is making a good pitch for abolitionist veganism. Of course, making a good pitch can be challenging. In an effort to clearly and succinctly articulate what you believe and why, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the ideas you'd like to communicate. It's important to remember that not every opportunity to discuss veganism with someone is going to end with a new person deciding to make the change. It would be imprudent to try to achieve this goal every time you speak to someone about your views (and to become discouraged if you [...]
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Letter to the editor
It's very common for mainstream media outlets to cover issues related to the treatment of animals. For example, you may see a story about a dog owner severely abusing his “pet” or an article reporting on a proposed bill which plans to modify how animals are treated on factory farms. While these stories deal with matters related to animal ethics, they typically focus narrowly on how animals are treated, and they almost never promote the idea that we should abolish animal use altogether. These stories create great opportunities to introduce readers to the abolitionist approach.Writing a letter to the editor can [...]
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